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ServiceNow Platform Team Estimator

Your ServiceNow® platform team establishes, maintains, and extends ServiceNow as a strategic business platform in your organization. The strongest ServiceNow platform teams have the right number of people with the skills to support the Now Platform®.


Use the Platform Team Estimator to find out how many people you need to build your team and get a shareable estimate report.


Welcome to the Platform Team Estimator

This tool estimates an appropriately sized platform support team based on your current and predicted needs using an estimated range of FTEs (full-time equivalents) per role to support the post-implementation run state. Check out the Customer Success Center for our platform team resources, including a breakdown of the recommended roles and responsibilities for your platform team.

Welcome to the Platform Team Estimator

Complete three short steps and you're ready for internal discussions and a meeting with your ServiceNow account team. Though we designed this estimator to meet the needs of most organizations, it doesn't replace the need for staffing conversations, and its staffing guidance isn't guaranteed to fit the needs of every organization.

1 Instance Demographics
2 Platform Utilization
3 Operating Model

Before You Start

1.  Identify the people who can help you answer the questions in this estimator.

These are high-level questions that focus on instance demographics, platform utilization, and your operating model, so you might call on your platform owner, enterprise architect, and/or ServiceNow solution consultant for help.

 Preview the questions here.


2. This estimator may not be for you.

The estimator won’t provide meaningful results in some scenarios. Reach out to your ServiceNow team if:

•  Your instance is or will be configured with domain separation (multitenancy)


•  You are a tenant in a managed service provider (MSP) and depend on the MSP for core platform support



This estimator is intended to create a starting point for an internal platform team staffing discussion as well as one with your ServiceNow account team. Its accuracy isn’t guaranteed for all scenarios, nor should you take it at face value.

Step 1: Instance demographics

Let’s start with the basics. As your number of instances and supported business lines, languages, or regions grows, so will the number of resources required to support your platform. The digitization and maturity of your processes and capabilities will also influence how many resources you need.

1 Instance Demographics
2 Platform Utilization
3 Operating Model

Step 1: Instance demographics

Step 2: Platform utilization

The way you use the Now Platform impacts your staffing needs. Staffing requirements vary depending on your total number of users, mix of product features, custom applications, and number of Service Catalog items.

1 Instance Demographics
2 Platform Utilization
3 Operating Model

Step 2: Platform utilization

Step 3: Operating model

We need to know how your organization does work to determine your environment's complexity. Your staffing model and whether you outsource work impacts how many resources you need to support the platform.

1 Instance Demographics
2 Platform Utilization
3 Operating Model

Step 3: Operating model

Confirm your responses before submitting.

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FTE estimates report

Your total estimated team size:

Min. and max. values for total dedicated and shared full-time equivalents
Initial estimate of dedicated FTEs required for run state Your FTEs are your core team and they’re completely dedicated to ServiceNow activities. You might have some members who fill more than one role.
Min. / max. FTEs Dedicated role or function
1.00 / 1.00
Platform owner
i You'll always have only one official platform owner.
Platform administrator
Business analyst
i You can fill this role with a combination of dedicated and shared resources.
Platform architect
i You need at least one architect dedicated to the team—if necessary, you can add more shared resources.
Infrastructure security/security administrator
Demand manager
i You can fill this role with a combination of dedicated and shared resources.
Dedicated FTE estimate
Initial estimate of shared FTEs required for run state You’ll need these FTEs to support your platform team—but they may not be fully dedicated to ServiceNow. They may come from a shared services org, partner, or other source, and you might have some members who fill more than one role.
Min. / max. FTEs Shared role or function
1.00 / 1.00
Executive sponsor
i This role isn't included in the total—it's rarely, if ever, a full-time job.
Project manager or scrum master
Organizational change management (OCM)
i This process is often called enablement or communication.
Quality assurance
Shared FTE estimate

Team estimator responses

Team roles and responsibilities

Recommended role or function for dedicated FTEs Responsibilities
Platform owner This senior leader is ultimately accountable for the Now Platform. They support creating the overall roadmap, ensure platform team alignment with the business strategy, and identify opportunities to maximize Now Platform value.
Business analyst The business analyst is a liaison between the business and the platform team. They translate business and user requirements into platform functionality, own the relationship with project stakeholders, and make sure stakeholders are represented during planning, development, and release processes.
Platform administrator This technical resource performs the day-to-day administration of the platform. They maintain the stability and usability of the platform, manage support for incidents, and manage upgrade planning and execution.
Platform architect This technical leader documents the overall platform design and helps analyze the impact of new requirements. They work with the enterprise architecture team to provide technical leadership to the platform team, create and maintain a view of the existing architecture, and resolve technical escalations.
Infrastructure security/security administrator This person or group oversees the security of the Now Platform, creating and enforcing security standards throughout the platform.
Demand manager The demand manager is a liaison between the business and IT who's responsible for collecting new demands from business stakeholders. They're responsible for the demand assessment process and preside over the demand board.
Recommended role or function for shared FTEs Responsibilities
Executive sponsor This senior leader oversees the ServiceNow strategic roadmap and makes sure it aligns with measurable business outcomes. They create and enforce the strategic vision and direction for the platform and establish its relevance within the enterprise.
Project manager or scrum master Referred to as a project manager in organizations employing the waterfall methodology and a scrum master in those employing the agile methodology, this leader is the single point of contact for the overall project status. They manage various end-to-end ServiceNow projects.
Organizational change management (OCM) This person or group focuses on OCM activities and should include a trainer, training coordinator, communication lead, etc. depending on your size and needs. They assess training needs, create and maintain training materials, and coordinate all decisions and execution of internal communications to stakeholders.
Quality assurance This person or group focuses on validating that the platform functionality works as expected. They create test plans and coordinate test activities to validate application functionality.
Developer The developer owns most configuration work in the platform. They design, develop, configure, and customize (when necessary) ServiceNow applications and services.